Turning round a Marketing Services Company

Fighting the credit crunch

Wholly owned by the Managing Director, this company faced a major setback in 2009 as its top client made significant reductions in Marketing spend in reaction to the credit crunch.

Cardno & Associates helped turn this around by:

Introducing a new client, the agency’s 3rd largest in 2010 and a further introduction in 2011.

Introducing 2 strategic partners to enhance the company’s offer and develop new business.

Developing simple monthly tracking tools now used successfully by all the management team.

Restructuring shares to motivate and lock in key employees, attract new partners and plan for Exit.

Acting as a sounding board for the MD on a wide range of issues from M&A to day to day.

Key Results

The business has recovered from the significant setback in 2009.

Significant cost reductions have been achieved in targeted areas.

Key management are motivated and “locked in” with shares.

The share structure is now available to attract and recruit further partners.

David has proved to be a great sounding board over the years. In the past he gave some sound advice as I went through an exit with my previous business four years ago. At the moment, David is helping me develop my business plan for 2010 and beyond and also giving valuable input to some current business opportunities. He has a great ability to keep things simple and always see the big picture. He is extremely commercial in his outlook and an excellent strategist. I have no hesitation in recommending him as part of my network.

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