How we helped

This company offers a wide range of value holidays from its call centre.


Coaching the MD to a much better understanding of the key business drivers and cost opportunities.


Training all members of the management team to use the upgraded monthly financials.

Cash flow management

Developing a 12 week cash flow to clarify the cash headroom during the volcanic ash no-fly period during 2010.

Setting goals

Setting clear business goals and financial targets, used to motivate the team leaders.

Marketing consultancy

Identifying the opportunity to exploit client database and internet marketing to reduce the cost of prospect acquisition. This is expected to significantly increase contribution.

Best practices

Improving book-keeping skills and practices, reducing reliance on expensive third party support.


Development of KPIs to improve performance tracking and set up continuous improvement.

Share restructuring

Carried out a full share restructure to lock in a key employee with “golden handcuffs ”.

Ongoing benefits

2011 profit is 3 fold 2010, despite tough trading in retail markets and competition going under.

David quickly grasped the key issues and most important drivers of my business. I worked closely with him to reset the budget for the year and value was really added by ensuring I had a good understanding of the key assumptions and I was surprised how quickly I could impact them. David has also helped me think about how to develop the business by using promotions and developing our contact database to generate more sales and cash. With David, I got the expected financial advice and improved financial reporting but the business insights were an unexpected bonus.

Managing Director

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