Our Approach

We provide part time Finance Directors to SMEs, typically in the £1m to £30m turnover range, to do the work that a full time FD would do – if they had one.

FD4 members are experienced Financial Directors that all aim to add value for our clients. Our approach is grounded in some core principles:


Every SME is different. We will tailor our support to meet the requirements of our ambitious clients. The amount of help needed will vary according to internal resources available; the current size of business; the rate of growth and the amount of active projects and investments. Our clients can increase or decrease our level of engagement month to month.

A hands-on approach

Every member of FD4 is an active consultant and very involved with their clients. There is no “ivory tower” headquarters at FD4. We are problem solvers who don’t just advise and walk away, we are very keen to help make change happen.

Keeping things simple

As business people we know that it helps to keep things simple, and we know the benefits of clarity and focus. Some part time FDs claim to do lots of different tasks: at FD4, we are realistic, we are part time in the businesses we support, and therefore we focus on 4 key things:

  1. We will look to drive extra profit now.
  2. We will improve controls over risk and cash.
  3. We enable the growth of our clients.
  4. We improve the business planning in our clients (including preparing for exit).

FD4 pull together the right team for you

Our members are all experienced FDs. We have learned to adapt our big company experience to the needs of our ambitious SME clients.

We are highly experienced Finance Directors who know what success looks like

We have held leadership positions in companies with £100m+ Turnover

Our lead associates hold part time FD roles with between 2 and 8 clients

We are problem-solvers who do not just advise and walk away – they are a key part of the client’s business

We are good value – you pay by the hour so you won’t find our associates “filling their day”