David Cardno

David Cardno


  • Consumer Goods
  • Management Services and Logistics
  • Warehousing/Wholesale

Available For: Part-Time FD Roles/Non-Exec Director Roles

David was trained in the late 1980's / 1990's by Procter & Gamble where he worked in business teams on many projects that delivered growth; cost savings; restructuring or improved cash. David then held senior positions as Group Finance Controller or Finance Director in various companies from 1996 through to 2009.

David's last corporate role was Group Finance Director of Lornamead, the company had 5 very different subsidiaries worldwide. David has been a part time FD since late 2009 and now helps a portfolio of companies.

David quickly grasped the key issues and most important drivers of my business. I worked closely with him to reset the budget for the year and value was really added by ensuring I had a good understanding of the key assumptions and I was surprised how quickly I could impact them. David has also helped me think about how to develop the business by using promotions and developing our contact database to generate more sales and cash. With David, I got the expected financial advice and improved financial reporting but the business insights were an unexpected bonus.

Managing Director