Producing a business and strategic plan

This premium branded Milkshake Bar retail chain had successfully developed a mixture of owned stores and a range of Franchised stores. It wanted to expand rapidly both in the UK and overseas.

How we helped

Conducted an in depth business review to identify the true underlying profit of the various store formats

Identified the relative costs and cash investment to support each channel

Recommended increased focus to be given to the creation of Master Franchises

Developed a 3 year plan process to guide the immediate and short term allocation of resources

Delivered a significant upgrade to the monthly performance tracking

Neil has clearly quantified many of the “gut feels” we previously had about the direction we should be taking the business. His role as part time FD has been, and continues to be, absolutely invaluable.

Milkshake Bar retail chain

Key results

Significant improvements in profits

Reorganisation of Administration Centre and outsourcing or various functions

New monthly reporting and KPI tracking

Achieved clarity and alignment around the key business priorities.