Rapidly Growing Clinical Trials Company

Simon was approached in early 2016 to assist in the introduction and development of the accounting, reporting and controls structure of a rapidly growing clinical trials company with significant funding from overseas

How we helped

In the first eight months we helped this client with a number of initiatives:

New systems

Implemented new cloud-based accounting systems (Quickbooks and Concur) to enable monthly reporting in a structured manner

Tax efficiencies

Recovered over £100,000 of pre-registration VAT


Developed with the overseas investors a monthly reporting pack


Trained a full-time accounts assistant to cope with the day-to-day administration of the accounts


Worked closely with senior management and directors in improving the controls in place in the business

Forecasting & Budgeting

Produced forecasts and budgets for presentation to the Board and investors to enable further tranches of funding to be obtained

Cost savings

Identified an alternative telephone provider costing less than 50% of the original preferred provider

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