Scale Up Assessor

A self-diagnosis triage tool, the Scale Up Assessor consists of 25 insightful statements, designed to help business leaders:

  1. Understand relative strengths and capability gaps across the five scale-up dimensions – leadership, people, strategy, execution and finance.
  2. Identify and align as a leadership team the quick wins and longer term opportunities for business improvement.

It takes only 5-10 minutes to complete, ideally by each of the leadership team to benefit from insight on differences of opinion.

This results in a one-page tailored individual report and if requested a leadership team report (requires minimum of three completions) - see below for examples.

  • Example of a Scale Up Assessor report for an individual member of the leadership team
  • Example of a Scale Up Assessor report that summarises the results for the whole leadership team

To take advantage of this complementary structured assessment, please complete the contact form and we’ll send you a link to complete the Scale Up Assessor.