Why spend money on Financial Direction?

Knowing where the business has been, where you want to go and being ready to change direction are all important parts of running a business.

Using a car as an analogy, in a business we want reliability and safety, a clean history and it to be in good condition.

Extras are nice, but we don’t want to spend money on unnecessary ones. In a car, a finance director might be seen as the SatNav, something extremely useful when you want to venture onto new and progressive paths. An addition that you have managed without previously, but once you have a good one you would never be without.

So how useful are finance directors as Sat Navs? A waste of time or essential driving companion?

Finance directors give confidence to business owners to plan ahead and embark on new journeys. They help you navigate to your destination. The journey can take longer than it should, but they can help avoid unnecessary delays and take new routes where necessary.

Ensuring there are controls, processes and plans in place that remove the need for the business owner to be constantly observing the finances and instead be able to concentrate on other facets of the organisation is the role of the finance director.

Finance directors monitor the speed a business is growing. They track the cash burn rate to avoid the often seen serious problem of sales going up but cash reducing. They help businesses stick to their plans and margins, drive profits and reduce the risk of pitfalls. They alert you if costs are exceeding planned limits.

Larger companies have an in-built finance director, but others may just need a portable one which can do the job.

This is where FD4 comes in.

This is where FD4 comes in

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Brian Kilcullen

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This was written by Brian Kilcullen, a Commercial FD with over 30 years’ experience in business.

Brian is a member of FD4, which is a network of experienced commercial Finance Directors that are passionate about adding value to Companies. They are engaged Part Time (on an hourly or daily basis) to do the work of a full time Finance Director, but at a fraction of the cost. They specialise in driving extra profit, controlling risk & cash, enabling growth and business planning - see more at www.fd4.co.uk